The Norfolk Waste Partnership (NWP)
Waste & Recycling


A brand to help Norfolk love its recycling


The NWP runs waste and recycling related communications and outreach programs for councils across Norfolk.

A problem the councils face is that well-meaning residents put wet, dirty or bagged items in their recycling bins, unaware that these can often lead to the whole bin load being rejected at the plant due to contamination. In order to address this, we worked with the NWP on campaign to improve awareness of recycling rules across the county.


Defining the campaign
To understand the problem, we dug into local surveys the NWP had conducted and spoke directly to the recycling officers who worked with residents on a day-to-day basis. We also looked at nationwide data from WRAP to see how the issues were being addressed across the country.


Capturing the recycling message
Working with a large council team, we looked at a variety of messages which operated different motivational triggers and selected the best to take forward. The key message was playful but got to the point - give your recycling a little bit of love.


Amplifying the branding
Council campaigns traditionally play it quite safe both visually and in their messaging, but with just moments to catch a resident’s attention we wanted to take the opposite route and bring a little more private sector risk into the branding.


Making the brand sell
We approached the project collateral with a focus on behavioural change, using a mix of humour and psychology to create bold communications that aimed to motivate residents to modify how they approached waste disposal.

We took a budget of just a few pennies per Norfolk household and squeezed as much out of it as we could, engaging in a variety of activities to increase the reach and impact of the campaign. These ranged from a county-wide mailer, to large format outdoor graphics. We even managed to persuade Norwich council to lend us a vacant shop for a pop-up window display.


The results

A countywide increase from the previous year’s recycling rate resulting all-time high for Norfolk!