Fountain Partnership
Digital Marketing Agency


Taking a local brand onto a global stage


Fountain Partnership is now the global leader and world wide provider of digital marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Fountain came to us at a turning point in their existence: they had grown from two people to a fourteen strong team but in the midst of this success their original purpose and branding were no longer relevant.


Defining their identity
Through a series of interactive workshops, we helped them draw out what their future would look like so we could create a brand that helped to propel them forward.


Capturing their message
Key to Fountain’s success is their unique evidence-based approach. Using a test-and-prove system, they work to reduce risk whilst driving growth. We wrapped this up in a simple brand statement - strategy drawn from fact.


Amplifying the branding
Our creative solutions focused on Fountain’s data-driven analytical approach. We articulated this through a rule-based identity system that reference statistics, technology and digital culture.

Using set of pre-defined shapes and an underlying grid, the branding is adaptable to any situation and can be easily used by their in-house team.


"The new branding was a big investment, but in just six months the returns have been spectacular - it is opening new doors for us."

Marcus Hemsley


Making the brand sell
We identified the website and proposals as key pieces in helping prospective Fountain clients to understand their unique offer. Elaborating on the main brand message, we lead-out on these pieces with examples of their proven results-based method.


The results

Since completing the project, Fountain have doubled in size, met their long-term financial targets and won Google’s global award for growing businesses online.