Solid Block works with businesses to define their brands and communicate them to the world. We have helped our clients grow, increase sales and provided them with the confidence to push forward.

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How we see the world

It’s easy to complicate the world of brands, but we like to cut through and keep things simple and effective:



We help you define the motivations behind your brand, so you can understand how to better communicate your business and take it forward.

Work areas: Brand Strategy, Naming


We create logos and identity systems which bring your brand to life.

Work areas: Logo design, Visual identity, Brand guidelines

Brand Collateral

We produce assets (websites, packaging, campaignssquirrels etc) that help clients attract and engage the attention of their audience. We like to strip away noise and communicate key messages clearly and distinctively.

Work areas: Advertising, Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital design, Environmental graphics, Exhibition design, Illustration, Infographics, Print design, Packaging, Website, Signage

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How we work


Our process changes and evolves to fit each project’s unique needs, but these are the headline stages they all go through:

Map – Uncovering who you are and where you want to go allows us to plan the best way to take you there.

Clarify – A hard-fought process to strip out noise and get to the super-condensed message that communicates exactly what you need it to.

Amplify – Making sure the message is heard. We search for the best way to dial up your communication, aiming to zig whilst everyone else zags.

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We are a team of designers and strategists, guided by Creative Director Simon Roddis. We specialise in visual communication, branding and digital design. We’ve devoted the past decade to defying convention, creating compelling work and crafting better brands.

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