Summer of Ugg

Solid Block was engaged by Ugg to help design the visual identity, environmental and website design for the marketing campaign, Summer of UGG.


Famous for their sheep skin boots, Ugg have grown into a worldwide fashion brand and expanded their collections to include footwear that can be worn all year round.


Ugg needed a way to announce their summer collection to the British public and worked with experiential agency C&IB to create the Summer of Ugg concept. This took the form of a series of branded events in major public spaces which focussed around a giant prize wheel. We were commissioned to produce the branding and the visual style for the whole campaign, including the set itself.


Under a tight deadline, we worked with C&IB to understand the motivations for both the campaign and the target audience as well as getting to know the core Ugg brand.

Discovery and Design

Our research was based around ways to convey the idea of summer, looking at the British seaside, funfairs and investigating artists like David Hockney and Malika Favre.


We created several design routes to trial different approaches, working with the client to decide the best for the audience and the experience. With a whole set, including the main wheel, to design for we settled on a deceptively simple illustrative route. This allowed us to work with a limited colour palette which was ideal for the set builders and meant that we could create all the assets in-house which was vital in the timescale.


As well as the brand, set and collateral, we also designed a responsive Summer of Ugg digital experience for the main Ugg brand website. This allowed users the opportunity to spin a wheel and win prizes, just as they could at the events themselves.


The events successfully took place over three weekends in Covent Garden, Westfield White City and Birmingham Bullring, with the website experience live for the whole three weeks.


At the opening weekend in Covent Garden figures showed a 30% increase in foot traffic to the Ugg store.