Premier Financial Group

Branding and print for a Norwich-based financial group, helping to provide a clear identity and voice that inspires trust across all of their companies.


Premier offer a variety of independent financial services, including mortgage advice, financial advice, pensions and will writing. Based in the centre of Norwich, they have been established for over 25 years.


Premier approached us with the goal of creating a new brand to bring together their stable of companies.


Through our discussions it became obvious that an evolution rather than a revolution was needed. We aimed to keep the recognisable elements from their previous branding, whilst creating a new brand that inspired trust. A key selling point was that through their variety of services they would be able to help clients make important financial decisions throughout their lives. This, in conjunction with their old house logo, led us to the core idea of ‘We have you covered’.

Discovery and Design

We decided that the key elements to keep from the previous branding were the colours, orange and blue, and the roof from the house logo, which directly linked to the core idea. We subtly updated the old colours to give a more pronounced blue and orange for clarity, and investigated a variety of ways that the roof motif could be used. With the names of the various sub-brands varying greatly in length, it was important that the new identity was flexible enough to accommodate these and any new ventures that might be added in the future.


It was important to create an imagery style that would work across a variety of collateral, could be applied to different types of business and that could be easily replicated going forward. We decided to use emotive black and white imagery as a base, and then use the Premier orange to pick out highlights in the images – typically umbrellas to reinforce the core idea.


Premier’s new branding has now been live for over five years and has helped them survive the recent economic downturn, which hit the mortgage sector hard. Their consistent application of the brand means that each sub-brand is easily recognisable as part of the Premier family.