Portobello Brewery



For years, the beer market has been rooted in the traditional, but with the craft beer revolution the game is changing rapidly. Portobello Brewing Co is one of the upstarts breaking into the established set and they asked us to help continue their momentum.



In order to understand the Portobello vibe, we spent time getting acquainted with Portobello Road, understanding the vibrant culture and unique history of the surrounding area. Influenced by the mix of cultures and music that the area has produced, we created a bold, handmade aesthetic that uses a mix of hand-drawn type, collage and pastel patterns to form something truely PB.





The directness of the branding reflects Portobello’s approach to a sector that can at times be a little too hipster – ‘beer for drinking, not overthinking’.











Portobello continue to grow their network of customers outside of the capital, and have signed a deal to put their new cans into Tesco stores around the country.



Work areas: Branding, Illustration, Packaging, Digital, Print + Environmental