Myddleton Arms

Creating a mix of the traditional and the modern in the new branding for a Canonbury pub.


The Myddleton Arms is a small, family-run pub in the heart of Canonbury that has been completely renovated by its new owners.


The Myddleton needed a new identity to re-launch itself to the local area. It needed to reflect their traditional approach and fit happily into the Georgian era building and surrounding area, whilst at the same time including the modern touches that make their pub unique.

Discovery and Design

The Myddleton name comes from Sir Hugh Myddleton who constructed a river to bring clean water from the River Lea into London, and who is remembered in a statue on Islington Green. We researched his crest, which included three wolves heads and a gloved hand, and art-directed a new hand-drawn coat of arms based on these ideas and a centralised M. This incredibly detailed piece is amazing at large sizes, but can be impractical for small use so we took the most prominent feature, the hand, and used this as the basis for the identity.


To keep printing costs low for the pub, we decided on a one-colour identity, which would allow day to day items to be printed easily and cheaply. We added elements to the collateral based on the Georgian heritage of the building, including a rope border and a geometric pattern. We also created a responsive microsite for the pub.


The simple identity means that the owners can produce day-to-day collateral, such as their menus and flyers, easily and by following a few simple rules keep them on brand.


The Myddleton hand has also been made into a neon sign that adorns the interior of the pub’s back room.

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