A rebranding project for a customer-focused translation agency, which has turned into a long-term design and marketing partnership.


Established in 2007, Integro is a translation agency working with clients around the world.


We first began working with Integro in 2008 and in 2011 helped them to rebrand. Integro’s rapid expansion in the four intervening years had resulted in them outgrowing the messaging from the previous work. It was clear that they loved the core identity, which was still relevant, but that we needed to refresh the communication and collateral around this. Our workshop sessions helped us to define the new direction, and get to the core of how the business had changed. It became obvious that their clients were now much larger and they had become specialists in several fields. It would be key that the updated branding reflected this.

Discovery and Design

The Integro logo was developed to communicate both translation and their customer service focused approach. From this logo, we created a full Integro alphabet of letterforms that can be used as decorative elements, along with a strong palette of colours, simple patterns, bespoke icon illustrations, and black and white photography. This minimal, typography focused approach helps to separate them visually from their competitors.

Their responsive website is designed to reflect Integro’s expertise and customer service, by quickly direct users to the information they need, ideally without having to use the menu itself.


Solid Block continues to work with Integro to help drive their marketing strategy and create new assets as we move forward. We often collaborate together on projects that require translation work and share mutual clients.

As our company has grown, and our needs have become more complex and demanding, Solid Block have always remained an absolutely perfect branding and marketing partner

Tom Bool, Integro Languages