Developing a sub-brand to help Brandbank promote a game-changing idea to a totally new audience.


Handiscale is a product from Brandbank, the world’s leading specialist in the provision of rich FMCG product content. Brandbank created Handiscale as a solution for customers to quickly and easily be able to estimate the size of an item they see online.


Brandbank operate as a business-to-business service, but Handiscale would be customer facing, so they needed a new brand to reflect this. The customers would likely have no previous knowledge of Brandbank so this provided us with an opportunity to break from their standard branding.


A key piece of collateral would be the microsite. Visitors would be directed having seen the hand symbol and therefore it would need to simply and quickly explain the concept to them.

Discovery and Design

Our research focussed on the aesthetics surrounding the app market – an area with which the internet savvy end-users we were targeting would be very familiar. Working in this aesthetic would allow users to quickly make a jump as to the sort of product this was.


The first stage was to create the visual system itself – how the hand symbols would work. We created a series of hand icons, deliberately using open source fonts to future proof the product should it need to be passed onto third parties. This then lead to the logo solution, which neatly incorporated both the hand symbol and the idea of scale. The colour scheme was based around Brandbank’s main purple, with complementary colours added to brighten up the illustrations.


We created a responsive microsite for Handiscale, and developed an illustrative style to explain the concept. We had access to high-resolution imagery via Brandbank’s product library, so to aid the leap in understanding we decided on an illustration style that would mix flat illustrations with real product imagery.


Handiscale now has a full rollout into Brandbank’s systems and is incorporated into their standard product data capture. This means that the information is now available to all of their online customers. The initial response from retailers has been positive and Brandbank are looking at how they can further use the product.