Full Contact

Naming, branding, print and website design for a dynamic legal and sports management brand for whose high-value clients image is key.


Full Contact are sports lawyers and agents. Combining their expert legal knowledge with a love of sports and consultancy from ex-professionals, they are able to take care of their clients’ professional interests, so they can concentrate on letting their sporting prowess shine.


With a target audience of young, professional sports people, it was clear that a high impact brand was needed, that steered well clear of the typical legal aesthetic. Clients would likely come from networking and recommendation, so we attached a high priority to initial contact items like business cards and the website.

Discovery and Design

The first stage was to name the agency. As with all naming processes, we investigated a variety of potential routes and gradually narrowed the field until Full Contact was chosen – with its double meaning perfectly summing up the offering.


The logo is based around the shape of a sundial, to illustrate the passing of time and therefore the 24/7 service that is integral to Full Contact. The angling of the shape and the use of the impactful Avant Garde font are indicative of the dynamism of the sports people involved. A bold red, black and white colour palette ensures that the branding stands out.


The business cards needed to make an impact, so we opted for a duplexed card to give double thickness, matched with a black foil emboss onto the black side of the card for understated luxury.


With high quality sports photography costing in the region of several hundred pounds an image, the budget dictated that for the initial website we would instead develop an image treatment that would allow us to use lower cost images but still have the same level of impact. We were then able to use these images as the main focus of the website.


Full Contact has now been running for several years and have expanded their roster of advisors including former Brazilian international Mirandinha and high-profile clients including Grant Holt and Kieran Agard.