Strategy, branding and website design to elevate a results-focussed digital marketing brand above their competition.


Fountain is a digital marketing agency that has grown from two founding partners in 2008 to a 14 strong team. Their clients range from local to national brands, with a growing stream from their second home in London.


Having known Fountain since their early days we were well aware of how their business had evolved. It was clear they had outgrown their previous branding, so through a series of interactive workshops we worked with them to draw out what the future would look like, so we could begin to create a brand that reflected their business now and moving forward.


Fountain’s success is rooted in their ability constantly measure their results, and then refine and adapt. We felt that this open, strategic approach needed to be the cornerstone of their new brand.

Discovery and Design

With the online landscape moving so quickly, Fountain needed branding that could respond and simplicity was the key to this. The new logo reflects the precise, digital nature of their business and can shrink to just the letter mark when necessary. We implemented an eye-catching primary colour palette and matched this with Zimmer, a highly recognisable font whose typewriter style is a nod towards their copywriting expertise. We then created a grid system and a series of elements that could be used to build diagrams, pictures and patterns of varying complexity. This was used in the creation of the rest of the collateral, including proposal covers, stationery, social media, advertising and the Fountain website.


As digital marketers, Fountain’s website has to make a statement. We decided that the best way to do this was to simply let their impressive results speak for themselves and consequently the site is built around showcasing their case studies, backed up by their expert market insights.


We have created a brand that allows Fountain to stand out in the local market, and to compete with larger companies in the national arena. With our flexible system and concise guidelines, they are able to produce on-brand collateral easily in-house for their digital channels.

The new branding was a big investment, but in just six months the returns have been spectacular – it is opening new doors for us.

Marcus Hemsley, Creative Director