Flexible branding for our ideas-driven creative partners.


C+IB are a London-based creative agency who work across a wide range of marketing and branding projects. They mainly operate in the fashion, hospitality and tech areas, with clients based around the world from Glamorgan to Los Angeles.


Set up by our long-term collaborator Oliver Cottam and creative Daniel Eilenberg, C+IB approached us to produce their visual identity.

Having worked closely with C+IB we know that their key strengths are their ideas and insight and their flexibility to apply these to a broad spectrum of projects. They also have a wide range of contacts and work with a dynamically shifting team of suppliers and makers.

This fluidity of creative thought and working practice emerged as a constant theme throughout our workshop and research process and became the cornerstone of the visual brief.

Discovery and Design

We investigated a diverse range of possible routes for the branding, actively looking to avoid standard industry clichés. The final selected route is based on the concept of frames, and the importance of both the content and the space around it.

The identity flexibly adapts to use either their full name, Cottam and Eilenberg, or their reduced moniker C+IB depending on how it needs to be used. The C+IB mark itself has four basic layouts, all of which can have a choice of 21 different gradient choices applied to them. There are also a selection of wider spaced layouts where the negative area can be used as a canvas and super-reduced + mark which can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with the full name.


The first phase of the project is complete, allowing C&IB to hit the ground running with their new branding. Over the coming months we will be rolling the identity out further across collateral and their online presence.