Cecil Amey

Solid Block were engaged to update a premium opticians brand and help ensure it's smooth rollout across shops in Norfolk and Suffolk.


Established in 1924 and with 7 branches across Norfolk and Suffolk, Cecil Amey is one of the region’s oldest and largest independent opticians.


Facing increasing pressure from national chains and with their flagship store in Norwich about to expand and double in floor space, Cecil Amey approached us to update their branding.


We conducted a workshop with the partners to discover their current position and where they wanted to head. We learnt that key features, their independent status and their heritage, were not currently used and that these needing bringing to the fore. We also discussed that, for most customers, glasses or contact lenses were an expensive purchase and that the branding and collateral needed to reflect this. We decided on the core idea of ‘clear insight’ to represent the expertise of the practice and the elegance that we felt needed bringing to the brand.

Discovery and Design

The logo itself is a simple and classic update on their previous brand mark, using typography with memorable flourishes. Losing the initial from the centre of the logo helped position them as a larger company rather than an individual shop.


A minimal one-colour scheme was applied to bags and customer facing stationery, which both served as a premium clue and allowed us to maximise the print budget.


With the majority of the high street stores having an obvious focus on glossy images of models wearing glasses, we decided to separate Cecil Amey by focussing instead on sharp, detailed imagery – exactly what you would expect to see with your new glasses. We teamed this with a seasonal colour palette that allowed the stores to change their messaging but remain on brand.


The improved high street presence has allowed Cecil Amey to hold their own against larger competitors and clear brand guidelines have meant that Cecil Amey have been able to roll out their new identity consistently across all seven branches.

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