Breakwater IT



Breakwater had done a lot of fantastic work streamlining and improving their service offering, but needed a little help to communicate it to their audience.



For us, the main issue was to position Breakwater away from the being a reactive IT provider and into a proactive professional services partner – IT is vital to virtually every company but few take much notice until there is an issue.

We worked with their internal team to understand their new approach and create a proposition that their customers could quickly grasp. We kept their existing tagline “a platform to power your business” but created a set of new messages underneath this based around the outcomes of the service and deliberately avoiding jargon-filled IT text (if we couldn’t understand it, it didn’t go in).



With IT branding traditionally being a little bit cold and bland, we wanted to bring a bit of human warmth to Breakwater whilst still ensuring that they wouldn’t look out of place amongst their professional service clients. We kept their existing logo and brand palette and then expanded on these, adding new colours and creating a suite of illustrations to bring light and movement to their identity.





The new identity and messaging formed the basis for a refreshed website, and a new range of sales collateral.









The roll out of the Breakwater identity is at an early stage, but it has been met with praise internally and externally.



Work areas: Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Illustration, Digital + Marketing Collateral