Booja Booja

A seven year relationship, helping to develop packaging and shape branding to take a niche Norfolk Vegan brand to a mainstream audience.


Norfolk-based Revolutionary confectioners, the Booja-Booja Company produce delicious organic vegan truffles and ice cream in their own unique style.


We were approached to design a new product range for Booja-Booja. Following an initial diagnostic session, it became clear that a key challenge was how to take a niche Vegan product brand and present it for a wider audience, without alienating their existing independent store & health food market.

Discovery and Design

A key aim was to move the communication of the design towards a more mainstream audience, whilst maintaining the messaging regarding ingredients, which is what makes the Booja-Booja chocolates and ice cream so special. We maintained cues from the previous packing, shaping rather than starting completely afresh.

One of the first tasks was to re-work the main logo to improve its reproduction and increase its luxury feel.

We also focussed time on looking at the flavour indicators across the ranges, to maintain consistency and ensure recognisability.


Over seven years we helped to develop the Booja-Booja brand, working on the visual aspects of their marketing, packaging and print communications. Booja-Booja products are now stocked in retailers from Holland & Barrett to Waitrose nationwide.

Thank you for all the lovely stuff you have done for us over the years and the way that you have helped shape the brand.

Colin Mace, Founder