A toe in the water, and a line on the map

Is the problem actually the problem or just a symptom? Would the proposed project fix it or paper over the cracks? Is there anything more effective we could do? Are there any hidden costs or bumps down the road to watch out for?

Mapping puts these important questions upfront in a stand-alone process, so we can work with you to plan the best route before taking the plunge on a full project.

How it works


Mapping takes the form of a workshop that last 3-4 hours. In this time we’ll discuss where your business is, where you want to go and what you need to get there. We’ll look at the challenges you face, the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions and consider whether the project offers a good chance of a return.

After the workshop, we’ll write up an outline of everything we’ve discussed and a map of how to move forward. This gives you a chance to see our thinking before you dive in – no strings attached.

Making a splash

We’ve worked with clients big and small, and we’re always keen to work with ambitious people who are looking to make their mark.

Let’s sit down and have a talk about your idea – face to face or over the phone. We might be able to do something exciting together.