Our job is to use creativity to engage and sell.
We don’t forget that.
Successful projects are built on insight.
We ensure that we understand your brand, your strategy and your customers.
We don’t use account handlers.
Great partnerships only happen when we can speak directly with our clients.

Our approach to design

We specialise in working with ambitious service focused businesses. Our clients’ professions require knowledge, skill and training – they are companies that command a premium because of their expertise. We specialise in this area because we understand the business and communication challenges you face, and thrive in SME environments where we can work directly with decision makers.


Our services include: branding and identity, consultancy, graphic design, packaging and website design.

Our process

  • Diagnostic
  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Deployment

Our process is at the core of our work. It allows us to combine your knowledge with our own branding and design skills to create effective solutions that help your business grow.


A successful project is built on in-depth understanding. As we start the process of working together, we will hold a Consultation. This is where we seek to understand you, your business and your business strategy. We will discuss the problem at the heart of your project, as well as your requirements and any specifications. As the Consultation concludes, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your new Creative Brief.


The Creative Brief represents a combination of findings from the Consultation, our thinking and our experience. We will produce a document covering our understanding of your business problem, how it can be resolved and how this fits within your business strategy. It will include detailed communication outcomes and a timeline and process outline, with the next steps required for us to proceed.


We will research your competition, relevant visual and cultural landscapes, formats, technologies and materials. We’ll carry out site visits, and arrange to experience any of your services or products to gain a better understanding of your offering. We’ll then arrange a meeting to discuss the Analysis of our Research, complete with visual reference boards, physical reference materials and possibly a written report.


The Analysis meeting is an opportunity for us to reiterate the objectives set out in the Creative Brief and then share our Research. Based on your feedback, we’ll agree a direction for the project to proceed, reviewing the project timeline before beginning Exploratory Design


In the Exploratory Design stage we focus on initial visuals and thinking. We’ll consolidate this work and perform an Internal Review, critically benchmarking our ideas against the Creative Brief. We’ll repeat these two steps until the Studio has a variety of options for Design Development.


Design Development follows an approach of idea and design refinement, with on-going critical review and benchmarking against the Creative Brief. From the development, we’ll select one to two Creative Routes to discuss with you in a Client Review meeting.


The Client Review meeting begins with us revisiting the Client Brief. We’ll then facilitate an open discussion to gather your feedback on the Creative Routes presented. We’ll ask you to select a Creative Route for us to take forward. There will be an option to return to the Design Development stage if required. Once you have approved a Creative Route, we will begin Asset Creation.


Asset Creation is where, taking your feedback on board, we start to create the Final Design Assets. We’ll also commission any Creative Suppliers as required (e.g. Photographers, Illustrators). We’ll ask you to sign off each Final Design Asset, before moving on to the Production stage.


We’ll manage Production of the Final Design Assets, overseeing the realisation of any Digital Build, Environmental Build and Print Production.


To conclude the project, we’ll invoice and take payment for the balance of Project Costs. We’ll then Hand Over, delivering realised Assets. Finally, we’ll arrange with you a suitable celebration, to the end of a successful project.